Carrollton, Texas
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Three Year Limited Warranty

At M&H, we know your home is one of your most valuable investments and we want to help you protect it.  In addition to using only high quality materials and following strict guideline for building and application, we warranty our workmanship for a period of three years.

If, within three years of the completion date of the job, you notify us about any problems occurring with you stain or built structure due to defects in our workmanship, we will inspect and repair the affected area(s).  All requests for warranty work must be submitted in writing with a description of the required remedy before the three year period ends.


M&H is not responsible for damage to stain or structure due to regular aging and wear or unforeseen problems with the home's foundation, existing wood rot, and weather conditions.  The sole remedy against M&H shall be for repairing the defective portion in the affected area(s) and not any consequential damage to substrates or anything else.

All stain/sealer work on exterior wood structures is warranted for one year.  All gates are covered for a period of one year.  Materials for structures are covered for a period of thirty days.