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A Selection Of The Fences We Have Built

Vinyl and Wrought Iron Selections


This is a 6' fence constructed of 1x6" red western cedar pickets placed side by side.  The steel posts are set in concrete 3-4' deep.  There is a 1 1/2' retaining wall built of pressure treated lumber.  To further enhance the beauty and longevity of the fence it has been stained with redwood western cedar #81. Are you located in Florida? Give All Florida Enterprises-Custom Fencing & Supplies a call today! This locally owned and operated fence company will be able to assist you. From Board on Board to Chainlink fences, they can assist you.




This is a 6' fence constructed of #1 cedar, board on board, with a 2' lattice on top.  The metal posts are 12' set in concrete 4' deep.  We have installed a pressure treated mud board on the bottom to prevent water and termite damage.  This is good protection from weed eater damage as well.





This 6' fence is constructed of white wood (Spruce), 2x4 runners and metal posts set in concrete 4' deep.



Dog ear pickets with wooden posts.  Notice the bracing on the gate to prevent sagging.