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March 2004
I have used Sun Air since 1996 and they continue to do a superb job.  I like the fact that they keep me in their database and don't fail to call me for each season for regular checks.  I would recommend them to any one; as a matter of fact I have many times.
They are not the only services I have used, H.I.S. Overhead is also an excellent company, they are prompt and very courteous.
I applaud your service, trust your decisions and appreciate the service very much. Please continue the good work.
Dorothy P.

February 2004,
Sun air Conditioning was the best home repair experience we have ever had.  They were very prompt and actually arrived to service our heater less than an hour after we called.  Their prices were the lowest we had found and they were able to service our units within and hours time.  I would highly recommend them to anyone who may have any type of furnace or a/c service or repair.  Thank you for your professionalism and punctuality.

Also, thank you N.S.N. directory as I no longer have to look in the phone book for companies to repair or service our home.  Your website is truly appreciated.

Marti D.



I've depended on your recommendations for many years and have never had a complaint. That has not been the case with other sources (Yellow Pages, personal recommendations, etc.).  I don't believe I have ever thanked you nor replied on their quality service (although I have complained long and loud to those who were not satisfactory). It's time I showed my gratitude!

Hillcrest Appliance Service has been a standby for many years. Always prompt, always reasonable, always efficient, and as a plus, always friendly.

Larry North, Glass, Mirror & Windows was used for the first time this year. I had gotten a quote from them before this, but couldn't afford the work at the time. When the money was available, I called them again. There were no recriminations for not using them the first time around, and they even made an effort to find and honor their original quote. The work was prompt, reasonable, performed in a workmanlike manner, and with a friendly attitude.

Bill Jimenez, Home Repair and Maintenance, did a beautiful job replacing backing behind bathroom faucets, and replacing tile. He made the effort to match the old tile (it had been on the wall over 23 years) and did a great job. It looks so nice! All the adjectives used to describe the work of the Hillcrest Appliance and G&J apply to Bill too.

I want you to know how much I appreciate your service. I don't know what I would do without it. I'm sure there have been other maintenance people pulled from your list over the years. Unfortunately, I can't find the receipts now to allow me to give them their due. I'll be better in the future I promise. 

Thanks for being there. 
Lillian H



Feb. 10th, 2003
Within the past few months I have used three of the Services in your Directory & must tell you that all were pleasent, neat & did credible jobs.  I expect to use each of them again when I have need for their expertise.  I was particularly pleased with the two young men from Odd Jobs "I Can Do It"  &   Cleaning Services, "Top To Bottom".  I am sure that I will use Top To Bottom monthly if not more often.  Also, should I need plate glass or windows I would certainly call G&J Glass.
Thanks for your Directory.
Mrs. K


May 05, 2003

A couple of weeks ago, on a Saturday, I pushed the control for the garage
door and terrible grinding noise and no movement of the door. To condense,
I found my trusty NN in my "favorites" and called and Larry Chaney was there
before 4 p.m. ... he apologized for the delay (on a Saturday) ... his
granddaughter's basketball game ... I assured him tht was priority! He did
a wonderful job and for a Saturday the cost was reasonable. Once again I am
so pleased with the folks you have on your list ... and since my husband's
passing in '99 I can't tell you how comfortable I am with calling from the
list. We began with Apollo paint company (Gary?) almost 10 years ago, we've
used John's Electric Service, I used Apollo after my husband passed away for
the outside of the house, the Fence Doctor when the old fence fell down ..
and on and on ... thanks for being there. The only negative was the company
I called when the 80 ft. oak fell on the bedroom where I was sleeping ...
they did the job but not to the level I was used to ... I don't remember the
name but I don't think you have them anymore. Anyway, once again ... thanks for being there.

Mrs P.D. S

We used Sun Air Conditioning, Inc. on Friday, May 09.

We found the service to be extremely prompt. The serviceman diagnosed our problem and did not try to sell us anything we did not need.  Cost for the call was in line for service calls to our home.

Thank you for providing the Neighborhood Network!!

Sue D


Robert O'Neal recently put in a new fence for me and did a great job. Not only is the fence quality outstanding, but the workmen did not do any damage or leave litter to be cleaned up. I would give this company a very high rating.

Thank you for providing this service list.

 Nancy C
Hunt Properties, Inc.


On 9/12/02 I used the services of Country Oak Landscape & Irrigation for irrigation system repair. They found my system leak and repaired same quite promptly. The owner was a very nice individual. I was satisfied with the service and thought the price was reasonable. This is the third time I've used businesses listed with you recently and have yet to be disappointed
Clyde F
Dallas, TX 75238


I found the people at Arctic Comfort to not only be warm, friendly and accommodating but also very honest.  They were easy to get in touch with and, when I had to leave a message, returned my call very promptly.
Glenda B

Hello -- I had several trees well overdue for pruning, found Herbst Tree Service through this network, and they turned out to be GREAT.  Robert asked me what I wanted, and listened to what I said, gave me some on-the-mark suggestions, and then his team did the work exactly as we'd discussed.  My trees look beautiful, and the whole process could not have gone better.  Thanks!!
My untreated pine fence, over 7 yrs old, was on its way out, slowly and steadily.  Last year, a couple of sections fell, and I found The Fence Doctor through this network.  They pointed out the other sections of fence where the posts were ready to fail, but I wasn't ready for a full replacement yet, so they replaced just those two sections, and an additional post they felt just had to go (for the price of the original bid).  I was very pleased, and when another section fell a few weeks ago, called them for the full replacement.  They came when scheduled, did the work in the time planned, and my new fence is perfect!  There was one issue -- I wanted the posts on the inside like my old fence had been, but the standard approach is apparently posts on the outside. When I caught the discrepancy mid-work, I called Robert, and he made it right immediately.  Required a few extra hours of work for them to fix it, but they did it, and did it right, finishing up the same day !
I would definitely call them again -- but I don't expect to need to for quite a while.
Margaret O.


Thank You! 

I just received the latest Network Directory.  I always keep
these by my kitchen phone.

I also wanted to let you know that we have used the Network Directory
several times over the last few months.  The latest one we used was Sun Air
Conditioning when our air conditioning was not giving us enough cool air.
They came the very next day and replaced a part.  They were fast and
efficient.  The air conditioning works fine.

When our garage door would not go up and down properly, my husband called
H.I.S. Overhead Door Service.  They came the same day, had the right part
available and fixed it immediately.

When our bathroom and hallway flooded with water, a plumber had to punch a
few holes in the sheetrock to find the leak.  I then called Possibility in
Focus.  They repaired holes and painted over those areas.  Looks as good as
new.  They originally gave us an estimate based on three days' work.  The
repair ended up taking only two days and they, therefore, charged us LESS
than the original price.

On August 6th, a new spare key got stuck in our front door lock and would
not budge.  I first thought to call the Network Directory.  Unfortunately,
no one was there at the time.  So I found a locksmith in the Yellow Pages.
He came in 45 minutes, got the key unstuck, made a new spare key on the spot
and drilled a deeper hole for the deadbolt.  For all this, we were only
charged $59 total.  I recommend them:  Key Express Locksmith.

 Yours sincerely,

Colleen K.